July 2, 2017

It’s hard to believe that it was 7 years ago that I purchased my first DSLR camera after the holiday season — a purchase I made at Costco several months after Tommy and I got married. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I first got my camera, but the […]

November 30, 2015

It’s the Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend — the waistband to my pants feel a bit snugger than usual (yes we ate like kings for the past few days, haha see you soon Gym!), my bank account has dwindled a bit (oh Internet, you make it way too easy for me to go holiday […]

October 9, 2015

They say you can always tell how a person lived their life by the turn out at their memorial service. And if that’s the case, then Frank Ciarelli lived a beautiful and full life — one filled with an abundance of family and friends who loved and cared for him deeply during his 85+ years […]

October 30, 2014

If there’s one thing that I had not anticipated when I first launched my business, it would be the unbelievable pressure that being a creative business owner has etched into my psyche. Over the past few years I have constantly found myself overwhelmed with self-doubt, always wondering … Is my work good enough? Am I […]

April 29, 2014

There’s a reason why I thrived as a news reporter working in the breaking news business for so many years — I’m nosy and curious as heck according to Tommy. And I have no patience when it comes to keeping big news quiet LOL. But there has been some special news that we’ve known about […]