Nov 30, 2015

Moments I Am Thankful For This Past Year | Southern California Portrait and Wedding Photographer

It’s the Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend — the waistband to my pants feel a bit snugger than usual (yes we ate like kings for the past few days, haha see you soon Gym!), my bank account has dwindled a bit (oh Internet, you make it way too easy for me to go holiday shopping!) and my heart is full (for so many wonderful reasons). This past year has given me so much to be grateful for. Although, I continue to work as a writer, I am closing in on my first full year as a full-time photographer and while I have had many moments of doubt this past year, I have been blessed with the most wonderful clients who have kept us busy all year long.

Reflecting on this past Thanksgiving … I am grateful every day for the family and friends God has blessed me with, thankful for good health and the ability to provide for myself and my family. But this year, I have been extremely grateful for each and every clients who entrusts Tommy and I to create and document life’s memories for them. This year, more than ever, I have grown to accept and realize that not every person who contacts us and inquires about our work is going to choose to work with us — but those who do choose to be our clients, are truly meant to be there. And it is such an honor to capture their memories and such a blessing to work with such kind and incredibly wonderful people who we soon discover are both beautiful and spirited inside and out.

To our clients from the past year and all the years before, we are so grateful each and every one of you. Thank you. 🙂

Here are some of our favorite moments from this past year — moments that are inspired by love. Moments that
make us realize how lucky we are to do what we do, moments where everything just clicks (literally), and most importantly, moments we are thankful to have been a part of …
H+J Engagement Session 0086_WEBKTFamilySession 0043_WEBRenee + Ramon 2014 Anniversary Session 0081_WEBMSS_3456_WEBLaHaye Family Session 0181_WEBR+T Wedding Ceremony 0102_WEBF+G Engagement Session 0117_WEBElise1stBirthday 0061_WEBMSS_0746-2_WEBT+Q Engagement Session 0150_WEBPark Photos 0078_WEBRuth + Taylor Engagement Session 0123_WEBD+T Engagement Session 0073_WEBMSS_6189_WEBMSS_7500_WEBMSS_3444_WEBMSS_4512_WEBCerritos Sculpture Garden Couples Photos-Cerritos CA Photographer 0010_WEBMSS_1869_WEBLisa + Arnold Family Session 0012_WEBL+J Anniversary Session 0265_WEBF+G Wedding Reception 0309_WEBAL1A7366_WEBJadelyn + Carlo Prom Session 0087_WEBAL1A3451_WEBI+A Prom Session 0082_WEBAL1A0417_WEBEmma Newborn Session 0011_WEBE+J Wedding - Group Formals 0076_WEBDT - Romantics 0054_WEBMSS_5562_WEBB+J Wedding - Romantics 0016_WEBAmy + Eddy E-Session 0069_WEB2015 Duron Family Session - 0144_WEB




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  1. Stefani Ciotti says:

    Beautiful! So much love and joy in these images! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Jill Marie says:

    Oh my goodness such BEAUTIFUL moments!! Loved seeing these 🙂

  3. Christina L. Forbes says:

    You’re most certainly blessed! I loved seeing all the amazing clients that saw the beauty in your work! 😀

  4. Meredith Ryncarz says:

    Such emotion filled and lovely moments!

  5. Cinnamon Ruvolo Wolfe says:

    beautiful!! What a great year!!!

  6. Leslie Ann says:

    So many fun and great moments of people’s lives to be part of!!

  7. Bri Cibene says:

    Beautiful photos! What a blessing to have so many wonderful clients!!

  8. Misty says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks like it was a great year!

  9. msam007562 says:

    thank you so much! it was an incredible one 🙂

  10. msam007562 says:

    Yes! We are always so grateful for the sweet clients who come our way!

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