Styled Shoot

Styled Shoot

Styled Shoot




May 8, 2015

Since becoming a photographer, the way I look at life has changed dramatically. I’ve learned to appreciate the smallest things and find beauty in everything — the dew that clusters stop leaves on chilly mornings, the way a sunset creates a perfect halo above my baby girl’s crown and the way I see love in […]

May 23, 2014

Aside from the question, “What should I wear?” The other question our clients often ask us is, “Do you have any good location ideas for our session?” Attire and location, yep both are equally important to our clients. And for both queries, we are armed with tons of suggestions! Lately though a popular request we’ve […]

April 2, 2012

Earlier this year, Tommy and I took part in an amazing Grimm Fairytale styled shoot in Big Bear, California. Though it was a frigid day, the gorgeous models we worked with made frozen temps a total afterthought. We got the chance to photograph four striking ladies and two adorable kiddos, so I’ll be blogging about […]