May 23, 2014

Celia Ward-Wallace | Los Angeles, CA Lifestyle Shoot

Aside from the question, “What should I wear?” The other question our clients often ask us is, “Do you have any good location ideas for our session?” Attire and location, yep both are equally important to our clients. And for both queries, we are armed with tons of suggestions! Lately though a popular request we’ve been receiving that we absolutely LOVE are at-home lifestyle sessions — basically, sessions shot in the comfort of a client’s home — in their comfort zone, surrounded by life as they know it. And we love these sessions because they are natural and cozy and truly a reflection of everyday life for our clients.

One of the very first at-home lifestyle sessions we ever shot took place quite some time ago, but I loved this session so much, I would be remiss if I didn’t blog it. Celia Ward-Wallace, a Life Coach based in Southern California who also happens to be a good friend of Tommy’s from his college days at UCLA, contacted us about shooting her lifestyle session prior to the launch of her book, “A Woman’s Guide to Having It All, Life Lessons to Live By.” When she mentioned she’d like to do the session at her beautiful home in Los Angeles with styling by her incredible personal stylist/sister Melinda, we knew it would be a fun shoot!


Here are some of our favorites from her session, featuring Celia at work as well as some gems surrounded by the people she loves the most — her husband, her gorgeous little girls and her sister 🙂 If you’re interested in learning more about Celia’s work and her mission help empower and inspire millions of women all over the world, click here here to visit her website.


She has an amazing smile that puts everyone she comes into contact with at immediate ease …2014-05-21_0019




2014-05-21_00302014-05-21_0031Celia wanted to make sure to get some shots with the people that mean the most to her — her family …2014-05-21_0032

Just adore this shot so very much …2014-05-21_0009




And of course, she made it a point to also capture some precious quiet time with her hubby Joe …2014-05-21_00122014-05-21_0002Interrupted by bouts of fun and laughter 😀2014-05-21_0003


2014-05-21_0013I adore this set because Celia really brings it as a strong, confident and empowered woman — who at times just can’t resist the joy and laughter her hubby creates as he admires her from afar …2014-05-21_00042014-05-21_00172014-05-21_00162014-05-21_00142014-05-21_0015With so many responsibilities as an entrepreneur, life coach, speaker, author, wife and mother, Celia is a firm believer of meditation, so we made sure to capture that side of her life as well …2014-05-21_00232014-05-21_0022And even after a long day, there’s always time to sit and chat with her sister …

If you’re interested in scheduling a special at-home lifestyle session, contact us using the contact form above or email me directly at — make sure to ask about our special on lifestyle sessions 🙂



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