Oct 21, 2011

Please Say A Prayer for My Mom | Personal

This past month has been a bit of a blur. Earlier this month, life threw me another curveball when my mom was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer. Seeing that it’s only been about three months since we lost Tommy’s dad to cancer, you can imagine how I spent that day in shock, in tears, in fear. But unlike Tommy’s dad’s prognosis, the doctors say they caught her cancer early and expect her to have a full recovery. I am clinging onto this hope and praying they are right. Because  I am scared.

No one in my family has ever survived cancer, but I hope with every inch of my heart that this time will be different. When I shared the news with my friends about her diagnosis, I was bit overwhelmed by the loving support and thoughtful words that came my way. Many of whom said if my mom was at all sassy and fiery like me, then there would be no doubt that she would overcome this all. I think it’s safe to say, every ounce of fire in my personality derives from my mom’s fun-loving spirit. She’s a fighter, a brave soul and as intelligent and spunky as it gets. And I am proud to say, many moons ago, I once shared a heartbeat with this wonderful woman. And by osmosis, her drive, determination and strength lives in me.

Yep, this is her 🙂

Tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., my mom will be undergoing a hysterectomy to remove the cancer from her body. And she, like all of us, are scared. Crazy enough Tommy and I will actually be shooting a wedding at the time of her surgery. So while I will get to see her before she goes in for Pre-Op, I won’t get to see her until later in the evening. So I will need all the good vibes I can get to see me through the day.

I don’t like to ask for favors much, but I do hope … today, tomorrow and in the days that follow … that you’ll say a small prayer for my mom and send good thoughts our way. It has been hard to work and think of anything else these past couple weeks, because I’ve been so distracted and have found my mind wandering a lot. God only knows how much I need a little prayer right now.

My parents during New Year’s Eve ~ is it obvious where I get my energetic personality from? 😉

These past months have been full of so many ups and downs for me. With God’s blessings our young business has flourished, I’m doing great at my full-time job for Patch, but personally, I feel like I’m being tested. So many question marks, so many unknowns, so many situations where I really don’t know what’s going to happen. And, it’s hard. Life is full of so many unexpected surprises. Some good, some bad. But in times like this, just remember to love the ones you hold dear. Embrace the parents and guardians that have given you life and helped you become the person you are today. My mom and dad are irreplaceable in my heart and frankly I’m not sure I can survive without them … I just hope that God remembers that tomorrow and sees her through this challenge. <3



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  1. We’re praying for your Mom, you, the doctors, and your whole family tomorrow! What a blessing that they caught it early, please let us know how everything goes and if there’s anything we can do!

  2. Karina K says:

    Continued prayers for you, your mom and your whole family! Working in pediatric and some adult cancer, I am always cautious about what I say to people I care about going through this kind of thing. But for some reason I feel in my heart she is going to be just fine! I would like to think of it as God speaking to you through me. 🙂 Stay positive and strong! And I will pray that surgery and photo shoot go perfectly! xoxo

  3. DeWayne Lacey says:

    My prayers are with your mom and family!

  4. Kris Hinh says:

    Wishing your mom the best! =)

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