Apr 11, 2010

Much Like a Fine Wine, We Only Get Better With Time …

There are friends. And there then are FRIENDS. Yanno, the kind that have been around since you sported cross colors and wall high bangs soaked with Aquanet.

I am lucky to have kept my small circle of friends close to me throughout the years. And while life and work have often gotten in the way of regular gatherings or phone calls, when we see each other it…just…clicks. And we laugh, boy do we laugh.

My friends and I recently shared a dinner and laughs over four bottles of wine at a cozy little Italian restaurant (with crap lighting, I need to buy a flash unit ASAP!!!!) called Frito Misto in Hermosa Beach for a very special early celebration ~ my best friend Grace’s birthday. (PS they let you bring your own wine and it was FABULOUS!!!!)

Grace and I go way back. During the toughest and ugliest times in my life she has always been there — to listen to me cry, complain, scream, yell, vent, etc. But most importantly, she has also been there during the happiest moments in my life as well — to see me cry, laugh, witness my excitement, devour painfully caloric meals and drinks, and of course to stand as my Maid of Honor on my Wedding Day. Although she was in the midst of her nursing program, Grace and her son Jasper traveled across the border to share in my wedding experience, even if they could only stay for a few days. And it, meant the world to me*

If you know Grace, you automatically like her and if you don’t well then … you’ve got issues, lol. She’s not only drop dead gorgeous — even though she’s the last to realize it, which I love — she’s also sweet, funny and a great friend. I’m blessed to have her in my life and while we both want to stab this thing called “getting old” right in the neck. I’m convinced that like a fine wine, we only get better with time.

Cheers to you Grace ~ may this year be full of success, new beginnings, hot foreigners and love and happiness that last a lifetime! I love ya *hugs*



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  1. Patty Watner says:

    Love this and need to keep reading it !!!

  2. Navy Sou says:

    Girlfriends are fabulous…especially the ones that are from waaaay back when! I love how you are able to tell a story so eloquently!

  3. msam007562 says:

    Please do Aunt P, I’m planning on posting stuff on Mom V’s birthday soon!

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