Sep 27, 2010

It’s Your Turn To Give ~ Holiday Photography Giveaway

I was walking through the store the other day and my jaw dropped open when I looked down one of the aisles and saw a glimmer of light from a silver tassle. The words “OMG already?” sprinted through my head, … along with visions of me smacking my daughter in the arm for introducing me to the phrase “OMG.” Are the holidays actually that close? But I’m not ready yet, we haven’t even put all the decor away from last year, and worst of all I’m still trying to lose the five pounds of holiday weight from 2009 … and 2008, and 2007, and 2006 … OMG. OMG. OMG.

Yes, the holidays are around the corner and while this time of the year happily fills my life with rich hues of green and red decor, deliciously sweet treats, wonderful holiday music and spontaneous online shopping sprees at 3 in the morning … this time of year is most special to me because it is the season of giving. And giving makes my heart sing …

like chivalrous kisses from a new dad on his daughter’s hand …

the most ethereal light behind two gorgeous people …

and muffled giggles from a super cool toddler who’s wearing a pants hat  ~ you don’t know it yet, but this is the upcoming trend of the winter season!!! 😉 Seriously.


And to celebrate this year’s season of giving, I’m happy to announce my second giveaway! *HOLLA*

THE GIFT:  The winner of this contest will receive a free 60 to 90 minute session of their choice — family (for up to 4), individual, senior, maternity, couple, engagement, boudoir, newborn, etc. at any location in LA/Orange County AND a beautiful 30-page 8×10 hardcover image wrap album. The photos will also be posted in a private online gallery for viewing and will be delivered to the winner on a DVD.

THE RULES: Listen up here’s the catch … this session must be something YOU win to give to someone else!!! I want you to participate in this contest by nominating someone in your life that you feel has earned or is deserving of a free session 🙂

This can be a single mom who has done an awesome job raising her kids … your spouse who has spent his/her weekends volunteering at a homeless shelter … a really sweet neighbor who recently lost their job of 12 years … or a parent who’s lost 50 pounds and deserves a beautiful new set of pictures to celebrate her new look.  You see it can be ANYONE, but it MUST be someone who you feel deserves the gift of photography 🙂 And I want you to gift it to them ~ I want YOU to spread the love and give!

HOW TO ENTER: Everyone knows someone who is deserving, so here’s what I’ll need you to send to me at OR through my contact form on the menu tab …

1) The name of the person you’d like to “GIFT” and why you think he/she is deserving — it can be a three sentence reason or an essay. I’d LOVE to read it either way 😉

2) What type of session you’d like to give them — remember it can be any of the following: family (up to 4), boudoir, individual, maternity, couple, engagement, anniversary, trash-the-dress, child, pet or newborn

3) Your relationship to this person and length of time you’ve known him/her.

4) Please include your contact info as well as the nominee’s info.

** I must receive all nominations by November 5th!!! The winner will be announced on my blog on Thanksgiving Day ~ yep just in time to celebrate the season of giving 🙂

THE EXTRAS: Because I truly believe that giving to others creates hope and happiness that comes back twofold, I’m throwing in a special free 45-minute individual portrait session to the person whose nomination wins! This session will take place in LA/Orange County and includes an 8×10 print of a favorite image. All the edited images will also be placed in a private online gallery for viewing and ordering additional prints!

Phhhheeeewwwww … I think that’s it!! I’m so excited about this giveaway and REALLY grateful to all who’ve supported me on this photography journey — be it through your kind words, thoughtful comments, by reading my blog, or simply “liking” my Facebook page. I appreciate YOU and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell your stories of love, happiness, and hope through my words and my pictures. Thank you*

Now let’s make this season of giving a special one to remember!

* PS — the above photos are all sneak peaks of upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned!!!



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  1. Yvonne Salcedo says:

    Marisam, you inspire in so many ways and write so profoundly! I think its phenominal that you can capture one moment which says a thousand words just as you demonstrate in writing!!! Hats Off to you! I’m sure your spelling nazi in you is itching to come out haha so I’ll end by saying have a beautiful day!

  2. msam007562 says:

    Thank you Yvonne, you’re too sweet and know how to make a girl feel special 🙂 I hope this contest inspires others to help and give this season. So make sure you send me your entry, I’d love for this gift to go to someone really special!!!!

  3. cindi says:

    Hello I’m very interested in the give away but can’t figure out how to register from my phone. I’m a single mothe (31) my kids r both attending cypress high school in cypress ca. My daughters birthday is coming up on the 10th. Of this month she’s a wonderful student in dance, taking a r.o.p. preschool class and about to try out for softball. She’s my oldeset she turn 16 like I said on the 10th. With the economy its hard so I wasn’t able to give her her sweet 16 like she deserves. She has a big heart and knowing moms low on cash she said shed rather just go out to dinner. That’s how she’s always been her whole life. With christmas and all if moms low on money shed rather go with me and buy loved ones gifts insteat. I feel real bad not being able to give her what she wants. And I know a photo shoot of her alone or a couple of friends or cousins would be a wonderful gift she would remember and love. I know ur a busy and probably don’t have the time for this but I have to try. Thank you very much for at least reaqding my email. Please email me on how I can enter in the give away. But if u can find it in ur heart to give my daughter a free photo shoot if we don’t get picked it would be very much appreciated…my name is cindi berrios……

  4. msam007562 says:

    Cindi, just want you to know I’ve entered your submission in the contest and I love it. You’re an awesome mom and your daughter sounds just as awesome 🙂 Thank you for participating!!!

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