It’s Like The First Day of School | Our 2012 Season Begins

I swear it feels like the night before the first day of school … I don’t know what to wear, I’ve made sure my bag has everything I need inside of it 50 billion times, I’ve looked over “the schedule” more times than I care to admit, I can’t sleep to save my life and I’m feeling excited jitters about what tomorrow brings. But instead of it being my first day of school, tomorrow Tommy + I will be shooting our first wedding of 2012. *eeeekkk*

As we embark on the start of our second full year in business, I am overflowing with excitement and anticipation of what this year has in store for us. 2011 was a year of growth and learning with lots of amazing couples and clients mixed in between. 2012 looks to be just as exciting, blessed with a flurry of wonderful couples … all so different, all so incredibly sweet, all so in love and O.M.G. all so simply beautiful 😉 Aside from some fabulous weddings we’ll be shooting right here in gorgeous Southern California, we’ve also got some exciting destination weddings on the horizon! Over the years I’ve come to discover that traveling infuses me with a whole new passion and appreciation for life and all it has to offer, and to think that we’ll be traveling this year to capture some of the most special moments in a couple’s lives makes me ridiculously giddy 😀 In the next few weeks we’ll be posting our travel itinerary in case there is anyone out there who’d like to connect with us on the road … for a lovely chat over lemonade, to show us their favorite pizza spots or photo spots (hehehe), and of course to possibly schedule a session with us because we love having the opportunity to shoot in different corners of the world. So yes, that list will be posted shortly, but in the meantime I better hit the sack and get ready for our first wedding of 2012. *HOLLA*

And because a post is not a post without some image eye candy. *Cheers* to our first couple of 2012 … Lisa + Jesse! We opened up the 2011 season with their engagement session at the Walt Disney Concert Hall about a year ago and I can’t believe their Big Day is now just about 12 hours away. Here’s a quick snippet of this lovely couple and the cutest lil man you’ll ever see, Jesse’s son Kingston. To see more of this gorgeous couple’s e-session, click here. And of course, stay tuned for some teasers from their wedding at The London in West Hollywood in the coming weeks. Sure as the sun rises every morning, I can pretty much guarantee their celebration is going to be fabulous!!!

P.S. In these next two weeks I’ll be doing some major catching up on blogging with post on our look back at 2011, our 2012 Bucket List, Jessica+Peter’s Wedding, Ivy + Long’s Bridal Session, Jennifer + William’s E-Session and Sarah + Aaron’s Wedding. Those are just a few of the posts I think of off the top of my head, but there’s lots more to come! Whew, I betta get to work 😉

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