Aug 18, 2010

Island Bound ~ Family Vacation | Office Will Be Closed

Dear God,

As you know, I’ll be leaving tomorrow for our annual family vacation. As always, I’m really looking forward to all the sun, relaxation and good times that lie ahead for my family and I in these coming days. And unfortunately, while our usual crew of 20+ deep will not be making this year’s trip, please keep the good times rolling for us and of course keep them safe while they take care of life at home. Especially my father-in-law, who was recently hospitalized curtailing he, my mom IL, grandma IL and a family friend from joining us on this trip. We will really miss them all, but please watch over him while we’re gone and help bring him to a speedy recovery and full strength. *From my mouth to your ears*

I’ve always wanted to visit Puerto Rico and explore the Caribbean isles as has the entire “Fish Family” (as our good friends in Mexico, Ismael and Silvia would say.) So this trip is definitely one I am so excited about ๐Ÿ™‚ The island hopping via cruise will be a first for us, so please please please don’t make any of us get sea sick!! Especially Pops who as you know has an extremely sensitive stomach!

Aside from keeping all of us safe and healthy, there are a few favors I was hoping to ask you …

1) Despite the fact that I will likely be in a swimsuit the majority of this trip since we’ll be snorkeling and swimming everyday, I’ve eaten every bad food imaginable these past six months and done nothing to make sure I’m beach body ready … because I’m a bum, LOL. So if by any chance you can magically make my butt, arms, thighs and stomach look better during these next two weeks, I will forever be grateful ๐Ÿ™‚ No really, super grateful ๐Ÿ˜€ (PS if you could also make sure I don’t gain 10 pounds on this cruise too, that would be extra fantastic!!!)

2) Please keep the seas safe and give us great weather. My Dad has always been paranoid that if he ever took a ship anywhere even remotely close to Bermuda, it would somehow find its way into the Bermuda Triangle. Please prove him wrong, PLEASE or else we’d never hear the end of it while we’re stuck somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle!!! LOL

3) Now before we depart tomorrow, please let me find a way to pack everything I need into a carry-on and a shared piece of luggage with Tommy. You know I’ve never been one to pack light, but since American Airlines wants to charge us a whopping $50 for each piece we check in, we’re trying to minimize our gear. I know you don’t agree but it really is imperative that I bring 6+ pairs of shoes, 30 outfits, 20 pairs of underwear and 5 swimsuits because well, you never know what you’ll need and you gotta be prepared, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

4) And lastly, please let my clients know that I love them dearly!! And also let them know that though I’ll be gone, I’ll be working diligently on their pictures every night and will work super hard to get em done. And though my internet will be limited, I’ll try to check in periodically and respond to any and all emails, because you know I LOVE me some email *holla*

Well that’s all for now and thanks again for always taking such good care of me and my family <3 I know we are super blessed to have the opportunity to vacation every year in so many wonderful places and I truly so so grateful for that. These vacation often create my most precious moments with my family and I really do cherish our times together. So thank you as always … I love me some you!!!

With Love,


* And because blogs are always better with pictures, I’ll leave you with a few from our last family vacation courtesy of my talented brother, who taught me how to use my camera from the get-go!!! These were from last year — the week following our wedding in Akumal!!! PS, be warned, my family is AWESOME!!!!!!

I assure you Tommy was a lot happier than this picture indicates, LOL.

The amazing view from the rooftop of our villa overlooking Yal Ku Lagoon, which was our backyard "pool" for a week!!!

Representin for the West Side!!! WOO WOO ๐Ÿ™‚

Visiting the Coba ruins on an amazingly adventurous day!!! And yes I know we're super corny.

Me, Beul and Cass ~ the cuzzies

The legendary cousin "Super Bed". Yep, we really do like hangin out together this much ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, I’ll be gone until the end of August, but will try to respond to any and all emails as soon as I can!! And of course, I will always try to check in and post pictures via my Facebook photopage ๐Ÿ™‚ If you haven’t already joined my Facebook photopage, you can do so here: My Facebook Photo Page. Just hit the like button and you’re all set!!!!! *hugs*



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  1. Mary Sanchez says:

    I sure miss our annual vacation.

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