May 14, 2011

Tammy + Kenny | New York, NY Engagement Session

In the middle of our love affair with every corner and crevice of New York City in April, we put a few hours aside to spend an afternoon with Tammy + Kenny, a lovely pair who recently got engaged. Prior to our trip to NY, Tammy and I spent several weeks emailing each other back and forth about the vision for their engagement session. And since their engagement was so fresh and new, I could sense the incredible excitement in her words in every single note. And honestly, that only made me more eager to ensure that their session was perfect!

Unfortunately, on the day we first planned to meet with them, it rained like nobody’s business. And no, it wasn’t the Southern California rain that I am accustomed to — AKA “I can still wear flip flops even though it’s raining.” Let’s just say I tore through two umbrellas in about 30 minutes because of the wind. Yep, so embarrassing. I was totally outta my element, LOL. 😀 Luckily, we were able to connect with this twosome the following day and it was as if the Photography Gods were smiling down on me … the weather cleared, the sun sprinkled through the soft clouds like rays of magic, and Central Park couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Like most couples we work with, Tammy + Kenny had never taken professional photos before. In fact, Kenny made sure to tell us that he was extremely unphotogenic at the start of their session. But within about 10 minutes of their shoot, Tommy and I were convinced he totally lied 😉

As a Wedding Photographer, I’ve often wondered if the love that encompasses my life, is the same kind of love that others feel too. And after spending so much time with clients who are either engaged or married lately, I’ve come to realize though love comes in many different shapes and sizes, there are some things that will always ring true.

Love is two lovers taking a walk in the park and sharing sweet giggles under the sun …

Love is finding the only blooming Cherry Blossoms in Central Park and sharing it with the one you love …

Love is being surrounded by an abundance of beauty, but somehow your connection still manages to out sparkle everything else …

Love is realizing that the prettiest girl in a city full of millions, will soon be your wife …

Really, Tammy. It should be illegal to be this stunning … I’m just sayin 😉

Love is knowing the man you love is happily willing to do something out of his element (like an engagement session hehehehe) because he knows it makes you happy 😉

Love is standing in the flurry of thousands of people, but somehow one sweet kiss makes everything stand still …

Love is taking the time to embrace each other like there’s no tomorrow . . .

But most importantly, love is a beautiful thing, and when you find it … it is simply amazing …

Tammy + Kenny, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing such a special time in your lives with us. I always knew I’d fall in love with Central Park, but being able to enjoy the surroundings with a gorgeous couple in our frame, convinces me that this lovely space is now my East Coast muse 🙂 We feel so lucky to have met you both and hope these photos will always remind you of the love you shared on this chilly Spring day. May the laughter and joy you felt in these photos be the precursor of many years of happiness to come ~ Tommy and I have no doubt that your wedding in New Rochelle next year is going to be incredible!

To see more of this beautiful pair, click on the slideshow below. And don’t forget to turn up your speakers for a musical treat!



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  1. Stunning!!!! I just got so lost in this, I felt miles away! Such incredible photos!! Great work, my friend!

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  3. […] we did, one of the highlights of our trip was getting the chance to meet Tammy + Kenny for a fun-filled engagement session that started in Central Park (ssssoooo dreamy) and wrapped up in the middle of the bustling crowd […]

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