Apr 21, 2011

Tammy + Kenny | New York City Engagement Session Teasers

If you are a fan of my Facebook Photography Business Page or a friend on my personal Facebook page, you’ve probably come to realize a couple things about me over the past week …

1) I ate my way through New York City like nobody’s business, which is probably why my jeans are currently too tight. Ooops 😉

2) I am in love with every crevice and corner NYC has to offer and would totally fly coast to coast every other week just to be able to do sessions and weddings in this amazing city. I don’t know if its air, the skyscrapers that surround you when you walk  through the streets, the underground rumble from the subway, the awesome people … or maybe the pizza , oh that pizza:D But having the chance to shoot  in this city makes me pray for many more opportunities that will bring me to the East Coast.

During our recent travels, Tommy and I spent one lovely afternoon documenting an engagement session for Tammy + Kenny at Central Park and Times Square. This duo is one of NYC most recently engaged couples and there’s really no other way to explain it, these two lovebirds are the epitome of beautiful and fabulous! Times 100. And quite honestly, their connection set our cameras ablaze all afternoon. We are convinced this pair does not have the ability to take a bad photo together and we feel so lucky and blessed to have spent a few moments with them as they begin to plan their wedding celebration in May 2012.

I honestly have about 1.76 million photos I’m dying to share from their shoot, but for now, here’s a few to give you a peek about why I’d be willing to give up my California flip flops for a pair of comfy NYC walking shoes 😉 Oh and a scarf and Metro Pass, gotta have em both!

Now onto a few photos …

This photo makes my heart melt every single time …

Tammy is a gorgeous bride-to-be, no doubt …

Just a little peek of some Times Square fun, but more to come, I promise 😀



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  1. GORGE. I can already tell you rocked the ish out of this e-session. And yes, Tammy is drop dead gorgeous!

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