Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Photojournalism




May 24, 2011

As women we’ve all envisioned it … the dress perfectly embracing the curves of your body, every strand of hair in its rightful place, and lest I forget, you’re donning a flawless face. Ahhh yes, the makeup is so perfect, you’ve got Barbie frantically searching for a touch-up. And with all your fabulousness, your first […]

April 26, 2011

This past Saturday, Tommy and I had the honor of documenting a very special Wedding celebration for Marylou + Alain — a wonderful couple whom we first met at the end of last year. From the moment we chatted with them over drinks at Starbucks, there was one thing that was simply evident . . […]

October 20, 2010

I recently had the honor of being 1 of 10 photographers chosen to participate in photographer/motivational speaker Dane Sander’s “Collective Focus” workshop in Newport Beach. I along with nine other amazing photographers from around the country spent an unusually warm midweek day focusing on improving leadership in our lives. We were hot, deeply inspired, many shed tears […]