Sep 11, 2010

Still Motion Cinema | Fabulous Finds Fridays

If you know me well, you know I am a scardy cat when it comes to suspense or horror flicks. And on the opposite end, when it comes to love stories or dramatic films, I cry quite easily.

I cry during Bambi, I cry while watching Oprah, I cry during the most emotional moments of a wedding ceremony, and most recently I cried while watching “Despicable Me” — the comedic cartoon movie. Yep, the part where he finally hugs his daughters, yeah, I turned my head to the side so Tommy couldn’t see the tears rolling down my face … and, I cried.

For most of my life, wedding videos along with wedding photography have been known to ooze the utmost cheesiness. But thankfully, I am now part of a new generation of wedding photographers who have totally revamped the industry, making it a craft of pure artistry and downright magic. Wedding photography is no longer tied to the realm of “cheesy,” rather, weddings now a days can make for some of the most incredibly intimate photographs.

This revolutionary shift also holds true in the ever-evolving world of wedding videography, and Tommy and I were blessed with an AWESOME videographer based in Cancun/Riviera Maya ย ~ Playa Weddings. (My blog post featuring our wedding video can be seen here.) But for wedding cinematography, there is no better group of wedding filmmakers out there than Still Motion Cinema based in Canada.

This group of amazing artists just don’t create wedding videos, they create cinematic magic. Wedding candy — as I like to call it — of the utmost sweet, delicious, mouth-watering kind. When I watch their videos/films, I always cry like a baby. Nothing is ever the same. Nothing is ever done wrong. And for lack of a more simpler way to say it … Everything is freakin beautiful.

If Tommy and I ever renewed our vows — which we hope to do at least every 5 or 10 years — I’d do everything I could to hire this group of cinematic geniuses. In fact, it would be a total dream to hire Still Motion to capture the day that my parents celebrate a milestone anniversary. From my mouth to God ears ๐Ÿ™‚

And on that note, below is a link to the very first Still Motion wedding film I ever saw … besides being utterly spellbound by the song, Gravel Lines by Amy Seely (I am so determined to create a wedding slideshow with this song one day, so brides holla at me!!!!), the video is simply mesmerizing and leaves me completely satisfied with a belly full of wedding candy. The absolute sweetest kind imaginable …

Laura + Josh ~ by Still Motion

What do you think? Pretty amazing huh? Would love to hear if their videos make you cry too!!! Or am I just a total crybaby? LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰



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