Oct 9, 2011

Sarah + Aaron | Laguna Niguel, CA Engagement Session

Most often than not the couples we meet have never taken professional photos together, which we actually love because it means we’re working with a fresh palette mixed with excitement, anxiousness, nervousness and … butterflies. And throughout my life, I’ve learned that having butterflies is actually a good thing. It means the moment isn’t lost on you because it still grabs and intrigues you. I can attest to the fact that every time Tommy + I shoot a portrait session, event or wedding … I still get those butterflies in my belly. And I’m OK with that because it means my heart is in the right place ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Several months ago Sarah + Aaron contacted us about shooting their engagement session ~ they envisioned a setting on the beach, with some lovely sunshine kissing them from above. Unfortunately, every time we scheduled a date, it would either rain or the sky was full of dreary gray clouds — not what they wanted for their photos. But after months and months of planning, we finally caught up with this couple and the day couldn’t have been more perfect … gorgeous blue skies and sunshine filled with streaks of gold … but most importantly a really beautiful couple, that happened to have butterflies. Just what we wanted …

We met up with Sarah + Aaron at a small park atop the hills in Laguna Niguel just around the corner from their home. And while this adorable couple told us they weren’t very photogenic or comfortable taking photos, within a few clicks, I wondered if they were secretly living lives as models and just didn’t want to intimidate me ย ๐Ÿ˜€

The light that afternoon was unreal and when I was able to catch the sunshine in Sarah’s eyes, I was doing cartwheels inside … you are gonna be one incredibly beautiful bride Sarah!!

And yes, Aaron, you’re handsome devil yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

But together you two are truly magic ~ gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous …

See I told you butterflies were a good thing …

Sarah + Aaron, thanks again for spending the afternoon with us. We are so glad to have finally met you both on a day when love, butterflies + sunshine all made an appearance. Your wedding next month is going to be totally fabulous!!!

To see more of this gorgeous couple’s engagement session, click on the slideshow below (just found out my blog program no longer enables music for slideshows — I cried inside when I discovered this ๐Ÿ™ So please enjoy the slideshow sans music, I am determined to find a way around this though, so stay tuned!!!)



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