Sep 20, 2011

Megan + Ronny | Sunset Beach, CA Engagement Session

A few months ago, I wrote about the painful experience of losing Tommy’s dad to cancer. It was a difficult blow to us all, leaving us in shock in the minutes, hours, days and weeks that followed. The day after he passed away, Tommy and I were scheduled to meet up with Megan + Ronny for an engagement session on the Orange County shores. And to be honest, given the circumstances, we were inclined to postpone our shoot and stay at home with the family. But Tommy said he could hear his Dad saying “boy you better go to work and get outta here.” So with a bit of a clouded mind and heavy heart we did.

But the moment we were greeted by Megan and Ronny’s warm smiles and her mom’s sweet embrace, I knew that we did the right thing and we were exactly where we were supposed to be. In a world that is often filled with so many ups and downs, sadness and tears … the essence of love and the glowing spirit of a couple who adores each other is a wonderful reminder that life is a precious gift to be treasured and cherished …

We came into this session slightly distracted, but with each minute we spent with Megan + Ronny, we quickly realized how lucky we are to share in these special moments between beautiful couples and their families. I mean really, how could we not smile around an abundance of gorgeousness like this???

Ronny actually asked Megan to be his wife on the Sunset Beach shores, so it was only fitting that we return to the spot where their “together forever” began …

Megan+ Ronny, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for spending this lovely afternoon with us. We hope that these photos fill a special place in your hearts, just as they did for us. Your love for each other was like sunshine for us on a dark and gloomy day. Thank you for letting us capture a little slice of your world together and reminding us that while life is filled with ups and downs … love + laughter will always be there to provide a warm embrace when you need it the most*

To see more of this incredibly beautiful couple’s engagement session.



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  1. Megan Kiklas :) says:

    Your words are so kind, much like you and Tommy! We couldn’t have imagined sharing our moments together with anyone else! From the moment we met you two on engagement session day, I felt like we had new friends! Your work is beautiful…you truly captured our love and feelings for each other! Thank you! I look forward to our future moments that you guys can capture!

    Much love!

  2. Denise Cornelsen says:

    Didn’t know about your dad that day. We are sorry for your loss, only spent a few hours with him but I remember him as a very nice man. Love your mom too, so sweet. Your pictures are beautiful MarieSam and Tommy! We are so glad you were a part of the wedding. And not just because of the beautiful pictures you take but because you are both such warm and lovely people. Thank you for being a big part of Megan and Ronny’s special beginning.
    Love, denise

  3. VALENTINA says:


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