Jul 20, 2012

malia + josh | Akumal, Mexico Engagement Session

We shared tons of emails and Facebook messages from worlds away. She was in Australia, and I in Southern California. But from her very first email, I knew she was my kinda bride … sweet, excited, passionate, and like me, her dream wedding was going to be in Akumal, Mexico.

Tommy and I love meeting our couples in person, it gives us an idea of the dynamic of their relationship, plus we get to see their excitement face-to-face, and I’ll admit it, I’m a total hugger. I give hugs like old school grandmas like to dish out  butterscotch candies 😀 But when we shoot destination weddings, we often don’t get to meet our couples in person until the week of the festivities. BUT, we always try our best to do Skype conversations, emails and Facebook chats leading up to the big day because we like to keep in contact with our couples to help them keep at ease. This was the case with Malia + Josh, a fabulous twosome originally from Oregon but currently living in Australia.

Though we shared many messages back and forth and a few Skype convos in between, we had our first official in-person meeting with them both sitting in chest high clear turquoise waters in 85 degree weather in Akumal Bay. Um hello, dream meeting spot!!! 😉 And though we already could see how much they cared for each other in the laughter they shared when we Skyped, their love and passion for each other was evident during the 10-minute quickie engagement session we did just outside Lol-Ha Restaurant in Akumal during their Welcome Dinner  …

 Here’s a few of our favs from the e-session. Imagine how giddy I was to meet them in finally meet them in person and realize, they’re not only gorgeous, they’re stylish too!!!

No doubt Malia is gorgeous, but I gotta say I love Josh’s swag … You two just make being beautiful look way too easy …

We’ll be blogging their Welcome Dinner, Wedding Day and Day-After Session very soon, so make sure to come back to see more images of this fabulous couple!



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