Nov 1, 2010

Love Full Circle ~ The Gomez Family | Family Session

Nothing means more to me than family, and it’s always been like that ever since I was born. I’d be lost if it wasn’t for Mom and Dad, I’d be a total camera idiot if it wasn’t for my brother showing me the way, I’d feel like something precious was missing if it wasn’t for my teenager’s hugs and kisses (when she’s not in “a mood” LOL) and family vacations just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for my aunts, uncles and awesome cousins. Yes family is everything to me andΒ when I married Tommy, I always knew “we” would work because he shares this same mentality.

All that said, the opportunity to shoot family sessions is one of the many reasons why I’m so enjoying this love affair with photography πŸ˜‰ These sessions can be quite a challenge, especially when they involve small children who think I’m the crazy “all up in yo face” lady with a big camera, LOL. But those challenges also reinvigorate my appreciation for family once I see the joy and laughter being shared between parents, their children and siblings … especially when it comes to moments like this …

About a month ago, Tommy and I were once again reminded of this familial love during a special session with Billy and Christine and their daughters Ava and Maelia. When I talked to Christine a few months ago, she wanted to hold off on doing a shoot until they added to their family, but ultimately decided she didn’t want to miss capturing her first born Ava’s “terrible twos” stage (although she’s a TOTAL doll) and missing her stepdaughter Maelia’s early teenage years.

And when you look at these two beautiful girls, I think Billy and Christine were on to something because these smiles were definitely meant for pictures!!!

Tommy and I spent the afternoon with this lovely family on the shores of Redondo Beach, snapping away at precious moments they shared together and getting to know a little more about each of them on this warm So Cal day …

Ava’s beauty is rivaled only by her sweet and playful personality … and with two gorgeous parents, she’s destined to be a heartbreaker!

Maelia is at the onset of her teenage years and while she’s without a doubt a beautiful girl, her parents say she’s also got the brains to match it. And besides being a very caring and loving big sister, she’s got a super sweet personality and I’m sure at the end of her teenage years she’ll be ready to be rule the world!!! πŸ˜‰

As the proud father of Ava and Maelia, Billy truly revels in the gift of being a Dad and a husband. You can see the sincere joy in his eyes when he looks at the three loves of his life and when he interacts with them, there is no doubt he knows what it means to be happy …

And while I’ve always thought Christine was a beautiful person inside and out since our days together in high school, seeing her surrounded by her handsome husband and lovely daughters made me see a new side to her …one that far outshines the pretty girl I once knew back in the day. This one is actually better than ever πŸ˜‰

Because now she’s got a soulmate who makes her laugh …

Two girls who complete her life …

And today there is no doubt in my mind that she has love full circle …

Billy and Christine, I hope when you look at these photos you hold close to your heart the days when Ava’s two-year-old giggles and mischievous smile made you realize the best job in the world is being a parent. And when you see Maelia’s dazzling teenage smile, you remember the love and pride you felt just before she embarked upon her days of truly growing up way too fast for any parent’s taste πŸ˜‰

But most of all I hope you always look back at these images with love in your heart, knowing that nothing beats fun family walks on the beach, toes dipped in the ocean surf during sunset, and sticky lollipop kisses from your two favorite girls. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with Tommy and I, we had so much fun with you guys and truly hope you’ll make it a yearly tradition πŸ˜€

To see more of this beautiful family session by the shore, click on the slideshow below — and as always, don’t forget to pump up the volume!!!



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