Jan 21, 2012

Jennifer + William | San Juan Capistrano, CA Engagement Session

They say emails are not always the best way to communicate because tone and true emotion cannot accurately be conveyed by words on a screen. But when I read her emails, I knew … she was nervous and anxious about doing her engagement photos. There was no doubt about it. And I … could relate.

I remember the day Tommy and I took our engagement photos. *Oye Vey* If memory serves me right, it looked like a tornado did a tap dance — with an encore — in my room.  My room was a hot mess because I changed about a million times since NOTHING looked good, everything made my body look weirder and more imperfect than ever, and my hair and makeup looked like it was going on strike from my face. And on top of all that, I was nervous to be in front of the camera with Tommy. I was stressed out!!! So now when our couples tell us they are nervous, jittery and don’t know what to expect (most of them feel this way) … we totally get it and know where they’re coming from, because we felt that same anxiety just a few years ago.

A few months ago we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in San Juan Capistrano with Jennifer + William ~ one of our couples who let us know from the get go, they were nervous! But with the help of Jennifer’s sister Joan and her hair/makeup stylist, their engagement session outfits, looks, stylings and props were planned to a “T”. And within just a few snaps, I wanted to tell Jennifer that her version of “nervous” was like my version of “DAMN, I need to be on America’s Next Top Model, you can’t touch me I’m on fire!” 😉 Seriously, these two were like the most amazing fireworks making beautiful sparks across our camera screens …

And because a picture is worth so much more than my words, I’ll let this couple’s fabulousness speak for itself by way of the images …

When I saw what Jennifer had inscribed into William’s iPod — “music speaks to your soul like you speak to mine” — it only confirmed, that once again we had been blessed with the chance to capture a special kinda love …

Jennifer, now really … how could you be worried when you look like this? *ridiculously beautiful*

 And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they changed their outfits and channeled some Old Hollywood vintage glam … and a part inside of me did a million cartwheels …

Clearly when you’re with the one you love … Love makes you perfect 😉

Jenn + Will, you two are meant for each other and we cannot wait to be a part of your Wedding Day (today *WOO HOO*), which I’m sure will be nothing short of magic! See you soon *hugs*



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  1. Cassie Roque says:

    Jenn and Thai had large prints on canvases for their wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was so classy and really added that personal touch to the event. 🙂

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