Mar 31, 2011

Jenna + Adam | Fullerton, CA Engagement Session

Sometimes I’m not quite sure how couples come across my site, but all I know is I’m always so grateful that in a world full of amazing photographers, they’ve found my little slice of the cyberworld ๐Ÿ™‚

Tommy will tell you that I used to get depressed when couples would inquire about our wedding day services, I’d respond with all the details they asked for and then I wouldn’t hear from them again. Yep, it used to depress me ย … the layin in bed in my pajamas with uncombed hair for hours like my dog died kinda depression. I was pitiful and I’ll be the first to admit at one point, I even started up a list of rejections and bookings just to compare the lengths. It was sad, kinda like the boy who didn’t like you back in high school sad. And it consumed me, led me to doubt everything . . . my work, my rates, my equipment, my post-processing, my ability to shoot.

This is how I used to think, especially when I first started out. But one day my husband made me realize that not every inquiry is an automatic and I just needed to accept that. But most of all, I needed to remember that things always happen for a reason. And couples who are meant to be “our couples” will find their way to us. No matter what. I now cherish all the couples who do book us for their Wedding Day even more because I’ve come to realize that somehow the universe has worked its magic so that we would be able to capture such a special day in their lives. For Tommy and I, being part of a couple’s Wedding Day is not only an honor but it is truly a precious gift. A gift that reminds us constantly about the meaning of love, and the opportunity to see love . . . in motion . . . its magic . . . its beauty . . . its culmination into forever.

One of the amazing couples who found their way to my Internet home is Jenna + Adam. Again, not too sure how they found my blog, but they did. And I owe whomever and whatever led them my way, dinner and drinks because we truly adore these two ย . . .

Jenna + Adam live in Arizona but will be having a small but intimate destination wedding in La Jolla in June. So our communications have all been via email, but even in our notes back and forth, I knew this couple was special. And whenย Tommy and I got the chance to do a quick engagement session with them during their recent visit to Cali, I knew that this was another wonderful twosome that was meant to cross our path . . .

Jenna is a preschool teacher and Adam is a law enforcement officer. And together with her sweet tenderness and his witty charm, they truly make the perfect pair.

I think one of the best qualities in all our couples is their ability to laugh with us . . . or at us, whichever happens first ๐Ÿ˜‰ But as your photographers, we promise to always make you laugh . . . even when you don’t really want to ๐Ÿ˜€

I think one of my favorite parts of every session is seeing our couples make their way into a comfort zone. From initially being uncomfortable in front of our cameras, to being oh so fabulous and simply rockin it out.

Oh Jenna, you’re just too beautiful. Really now, stop it.

Jenna + Adam, we cannot wait to capture your Wedding Day in June. If we had this much fun with you guys at a little ol’ park in Fullerton, I can only imagine how wonderful your celebration will be with all your family and friends by the shore. Much love to you both!

To see more of this gorgeous couple, click on the slideshow below. And don’t forget to turn those speakers on because yanno a slideshow is nothing without a little music ๐Ÿ˜‰ (P.S. the music will end up looping twice … um, because I couldn’t narrow down the photos to just one round. Sorry my clients are that fabulous!!!)



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  1. Lisa Chen says:

    Love the pics!! They’re beautiful and I’m glad they decided to go with you. I’m also a big fan of the chalkboard. ๐Ÿ™‚

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