Dec 23, 2011

Grimm Fairytale Styled Shoot | Big Bear Fashion Shoot Teaser

Hello Internet! Whew, I cannot believe the end of the year is less than two weeks away … where has the year gone? We are playing catch up on our blog and in the middle of all that Tommy and I have been busy shooting away. Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a fabulous Grimm Fairytale styled shoot in Big Bear, California. It was our first time shooting in the snow, so yanno I had to get some snazzy snowboots, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Much to my dear husband’s dismay, any reason to shop for new shoes is good enough for me!

But needless to say, the cold day we spent shooting was absolutely incredible and makes me realize how smitten I am with capturing life through my lens ~ here a single frame sneak peek of what’s to come on the blog … P.S. it mighta been chilly, but these gorgeous ladies warmed it up like fiyah (that’s “fire” for those not hip to my teenage-daughter-influenced swag, hahaha) …


And I woud be remiss if I didn’t post some quick info on the fabulous crew that made this styled shoot possible …

Models from left to right:

  • Alaisha Dunnington as Goldilocks (and daughters Autum + Breanna as Hansel + Gretel *not shown*)
  • Vanessa Cedeno as Little Red Riding Hood
  • Allyson Cunha as Sleeping Beauty
  • Lexi Calo as Snow White


  • Shyan Bailey – hair
  • Maira Gomez -makeup
  • Terry Loaiza – makeup
  • Heather Skelton and Vanessa Cedeno – wardrobe



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