Nov 11, 2011

American Beauty | Mike Colon Styled Wedding Shoot

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my photography adventure it is to seize every opportunity, especially when it comes to learning. So when I got the chance to shoot alongside the super talented Mike Colon — a man who helped transform and transcend the landscape of high-end wedding photography throughout the world — I knew it was an opportunity I simply could not pass up.

A few months ago, I spent an afternoon soaking up all the knowledge I could from Mike Colon during a fabulous Americana themed styled bridal shoot at Riley Wilderness Park on Coto de Caza. It was extremely hot that day, but despite the elements … rattlesnake/cricket noises (yes we couldn’t quite decipher the difference), bugs galore, millions of ants, mountain lion country, field mice, and 90 degree temps while I wore a black sweater, leggings and Uggs — yeah I know *Ugh* … nothing could stop me from making the most of this *golden* opportunity. Yes most people don’t realize locations aren’t always as glamorous as they appear to be in photos, but I think that’s part of the creative challenge and wonderment of it all ūüėČ Finding an angle and makin it work is always the key!

Now for the record, I am smitten by amazing world-class photographers who remain humble, helpful and so so kind to photographers still fairly new to the business like me. Mike Colon is the epitome of this special group … he is as nice, giving and inspiring as his photos are incredibly beautiful. And if you haven’t seen his work, it is Times 100 … oh and he’s pretty funny too ūüėČ

Here’s a few images from this styled shoot via the Mike Colon shooting workshop …

And lest I forget, special thanks to all the vendors who made this shoot every bit of fabulous …

Vendor Information:

Stylist and Floral Design:  Sussanna Davidson, French Buckets; Mary Lallande, Jays Catering

Creative Direction and Wardrobe Stylist:  Kat Harris, Mike Colón Photographers

Hair & Make-up:  Rachel Burney, Remba Productions

Models:  Henry (Brand Talent); Rachael

Linens:  Dahlia and Veronica, Designer Speciality Linens-OC

Pies & Treats:  Mary Lallande, Jays Catering

Paper Goods:  Amber & Ashley, Typologie & Co.

Assistant:  Matt Cotter



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  1. cj says:

    no offense to your beautiful photos…’s almost laughable that these photographers shoot workshops in the exact same place every time. talk about a snooze fest.

  2. msam007562 says:

    Hi Christine, thank you for your compliment on my photos! And yes while many photographers hold their workshops in similar locations, I honestly think that having to shoot in the same location many times is realistically one of the biggest challenges a photographer faces. The mark of a great photographer is one who can take the same spot and shoot it a million times yet still find a unique beauty in the same location + same light each and every time they go out. We are blessed in So Cal to have such gorgeous options, and I for one wouldn’t mind shooting at Riley Wilderness Park each and every single day ~ it truly is an incredible place to shoot and I am grateful it’s not too far from my home!!

  3. Mike Colon says:

    Hey MarieSam! Wow, I can’t believe I am just now seeing this! Thank you so much for your very cool blog post about the workshop and for your generous and kind comments about me! It was such a pleasure spending the day with you because you are one of those rare individuals who sees beauty everywhere and has the eye, heart, and technical skills to capture it with perfection! Your images are truly amazing, and completely original and unique. I know you will make it far in this industry because of your talent and positive attitude. God Bless you! Mike

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