Sep 10, 2014

The Durons | Griffith Park, CA Family Session

One of the best things about being wedding photographers is keeping in touch with our couples and bonding a friendship that allows us to see them flourish in their professional lives while also watching their love + union grow in the form of adorable children 🙂

I will never hesitate to say that we have THE BEST clients in the world, I truly believe that — they’re just simply the kindest, most wonderful, family-centered people. Tommy and I feel blessed each time we get to work with such awesome individuals from so many different walks of life. And when we get to watch their families’ grow, it’s just icing on the cake! And if you know me, I seriously LOVE icing on cake. For reals.

Lisa + Jesse happen to be one of our most favorite couples of all time! They actually booked us to shoot their wedding in the first year of our business. In fact, when we first met them during an overcast morning at Starbucks, we had just been shooting for about 6 months. To say that we were honored that they trusted to document their love is an understatement — we had so much fun shooting their Engagement Session and were fortunate enough to capture so many beautiful moments during their incredible Wedding Day. It was such a great wedding celebration and to this day, this pair remains one of our business’ biggest supporters and that is something we are so very grateful for!

When Lisa asked if we would shoot their family portraits, which would be the first time they took professional photos with their new baby boy Kenzo, I’m pretty sure I squealed out loud when I read her email 🙂 We not only love photographing this beautiful couple, they’ve also got some ridiculously adorable kiddos who are born to be in front of the camera — yes, they are that cute!

Here are some of our favorite snapshots of this family of four …



Their newest addition — so so cute, right? And how is it possible that he has more style than most men I know!?! 🙂2014-09-10_00022014-09-10_0010They are just too perfect for each other …
2014-09-10_00172014-09-10_0009These boys are going to be future heartbreakers! Can you guys please have at least 5 more babies please?!?! 2014-09-10_00062014-09-10_00112014-09-10_00122014-09-10_00132014-09-10_00142014-09-10_0015I love that they are a family that loves to laugh together … Kingston never fails to make me laugh, especially when he’s being boxer fierce LOL.
2014-09-10_00162014-09-10_0008Love a like this never fades in beauty …




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