Emil + Trish first saw each other at a Halloween party in 2003, but they didn’t officially meet until his graduation party in 2010. So I guess you could say, their first date was 7 years in the making. But in their case, good things come to those who wait. They spent their first date chatting at a fairly empty coffee shop, bonding over similar interest. And the night ended over animal style fries from In-N-Out, and Emil says he already knew then, it was love …

romantic_long_beach_engagement_photosTHE LOCATION: RETRO ROW LONG BEACH

Emil + Trish are lovers of all things old school and adventurous. They love going out to eat and exploring new places but also frequenting old favorite — places that they’ve discovered together during the course of their relationship. So we spent the afternoon with them at one of their favorite areas — Fourth Street also known as Retro Row in Long Beach, Ca., which actually holds a special place in their hearts.

One day these two went to watch Love and Mercy at The Art Theatre on Retro Row, and when they left the theater, all of their family and friends were waiting outside much to Trish’s surprise. It was then, that Emil proposed to her in front of everyone, and of course, she said yes! But that was not the end of her surprise, the theatre marquee also read – “Emil and Trish In Love.” How romantic is that?!?!

So for their engagement session, we revisited this eclectic row of shops and restaurants, catching beautiful light and discovering incredible textures on every corner. And of course, we had to stop by the theater where Emil proposed and made it official.

Here are some of our favorite moments from their engagement session at Retro Row …

romantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosI love how they make each other laugh and smile …romantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosWe found this beautiful outdoor space and amazing wall behind one of their favorite restaurant’s Number Nine … but I’m convinced this gorgeous pair could spark any space with the connection they share …

romantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosThis is honestly one of my favorite images of all time … it speaks to the core of why love + joy are so beautiful …romantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photosromantic_long_beach_engagement_photos

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