Jul 6, 2010

Petite Sophisticate ~ Samarie + Family

I’d like to think I’m a worldly person.

I LIKE learning about other cultures because I think life is a fascinating puzzle to be discovered in every corner of the world. I ENJOY eating different ethnic foods because while I love me some McDonald’s golden arches and good ol’ steak and potatoes … pad thai, salt and pepper squid, beef shawarma and baba ghannouj send my tummy to heavenly bliss. I ADORE hearing different languages and accents in my presence because the spoken word is such a beautiful and dynamic thing. And more than anything, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel and explore different parts of the world. My bucket list is topped by a passport that is covered with stamps from every country in this world …

But I wasn’t always this worldy. My appreciation for things beyond the “norm” developed through the years as I began to discover how many amazing things were outside the box.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a soon-to-be 2-year old who’s already discovered the beauty outside this box. And really, I’m quite envious!

A few weeks ago, Tommy and I met up with little Samarie along with her parents and grandma at El Dorado Park in Long Beach for a fun family session to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

Can you guess what I noticed first when I first met this beautiful little girl? If you’re thinking windows to the soul. You’d be right. Aren’t those piercing blue eyes absolutely spectacular?

Last year Samarie celebrated her first birthday over sushi. And this year she’ll be ringing in Year #2 with some belly dancing. Isn’t she fabulous??

And being the worldly toddler that she is, our session got interrupted with an important business call ๐Ÿ™‚ And make sure you don’t cross her, she’s known as a cutthroat on Wall Street, LOL.

Samarie’s Grandma Allison made a special request for a few shots with the birthday girl, and in just a couple snaps, it was easy to see that there is no lack of love in this relationship ๐Ÿ™‚

But love did not begin nor end with grandma, because the love is abundantly clear when she looks into both her parent’ eyes.

“She is the light in our lives” grandma told me as she looked adoringly at this petite sophisticate.

Thank you Samarie for making my camera smile with your joyous and vibrant personality. I hope you continue to fill your life with wondrous cultures and fabulous adventures. You are my idol little one!!!!

And special thanks to Tommy, Richelle and Grandma Allison for letting us enjoy part of Samarie’s aura of sunshine. I hope you have a fantastic time belly dancing, and when you look at these photos years down the line, I hope “the light” in your lives shines brighter than ever.

Happy Birthday Samarie, may this year be even more incredible than ever!!!

P.S., I have to admit I have a little extra love for this girl because yes, her name is part of my name flipped backwards … MARIESAM … SAMARIE *HOLLA*

To see more of this adorable toddler click here or on the slideshow below!



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