May 26, 2011

Party of Five + One On the Way | Orange, CA Family Session

Dear Photography,

You have blessed me in so many ways over the past year, but I always feel inclined to give you extra hugs (and a freshly baked cookies) when you find a way to reunite me with friends from my childhood.


– – –

Yes, I often write love notes like this in my mind when I think of how much Photography has impacted my life since I first picked up my camera about a year ago. And a few weeks back, it was my camera that allowed me once again to cross paths with an old friend.

Denise, her sister Christine and I took dance classes together for several years way, way, way back. We lived and breathed dance together, going to competitions several times a year, practicing together for hours on end, and sharing many a meals over good times filled with lots of laughter.Yep, I knew Denise when Aqua Net soaked sky-high bangs were cool and so was break dancing for girls. And for the record, girls who can break dance are still the coolest thing ever *woot woot*

But things have changed since then, we’re both all so grown up now 😉 Tommy and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Denise and her boyfriend Robbie for a fun family session with her three gorgeous daughters and a very special bun in her oven named Jacob.

Besides the new loves in her life, Denise is still the beautiful girl who I shared lots of giggles with growing up. Oh yeah and we shared aqua net too 😀

Thank you Denise, Robbie + the girls + baby bump Jacob for spending the afternoon with us. Denise, I can’t wait to see your handsome little guy ~ he is truly coming into a family that is so full of love! We had a blast with you all and we hope you did too. Thanks for a beautiful afternoon and all the fun laughs, so good to see you after all these years *hugs*

These photos make me smile every time ~ I love the connection between these three sister . . .  and aren’t their custom-made shirts for their baby brother Jacob way too cute?

There is truly nothing in the world like a mother’s bond with her kids … isn’t it a beautiful thing?



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