Sep 22, 2010

Let’s Hold Hands ~ My Mom, The Comedian | Personal

I’m not sure when it happened or why it happened, but somewhere in the past five years my Mom has developed quite a goofy photography personality. And by that I mean, whenever we take pictures she’s dead set on initially taking a normal “smile and look pretty” picture.

But then … she insists on another set of photographs that is prefaced with the words “OK let’s hold hands,” or “OK let’s make faces” or she’ll simply throw up the peace sign, which she claims is a “V” for victory … except there’s no victory to be had ๐Ÿ™‚ This zaniness is then followed by bouts of heavy laughter.

She’s become quite the character …

Cheyenne says she looks like a bug in this picture ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s one of her infamous let’s hold hands pictures — yep, at the Palace of Versailles gardens in France almost five years ago. And you can only imagine how all the fancy French people were looking at us like we were crazy Americans, hahahaha.

Back during our point-and-shoot camera days! Viva la France!!!

So yeah, these posing instructions are given by my Mom — a five foot, 100+ pound Filipino woman who still has a strong native accent Mom. And if you ask her, all the photos she’s “coordinated” are hands-down the best pictures I’ve ever taken, LOL.

My Mom and her siblings gleefully wandering through the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

As she gets older, she’s made it a point to no longer fake like she likes someone — which as you can imagine can be pretty hilarious — and to also fill her days strictly with things she enjoys. So no more going to every event or party she’s invited to — unless she wants to. And a lot more time devoted to enjoying the sunshine, the family and the good things in life.

Apparently her knack for photo excitement has become contagious in our family

I love my parents to death because even after all these years their love for each other is still fresh as if they met just yesterday. And while my Dad has always been the more serious one and overly concerned about everything under the sun … lately, my Mom’s goofiness seems to be rubbing off on him too …

Yep folks, these are my parents. Couldn't be prouder ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you imagine what our family pictures are gonna look like 10 years from now? Oy vey!!!



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