Nov 26, 2012

Dorian + Simone ~ A Sunset Session On Wedding Eve | Nassau, Bahamas Destination Wedding

Earlier this year we had the incredible opportunity to document a special Wedding Eve session in Nassau, Bahamas for one of our wonderful destination wedding couples ~ Dorian + Simone. We had initially planned to do an epic Day-After session with this beautiful pair, but because Dorian was due back in California immediately after the wedding (these two are both busy actors — Dorian is Detective Ruben Robinson on TNT’s Southland!!), they decided to opt for an intimate session before the Wedding Day. So we met up with this lovely twosome at sunset on the Windwhistle Estate, where they had spent the entire week celebrating with their closest friends. We ended up only having about 20 minutes to shoot, but it’s really all we needed to capture the unique love + passion between these two …

When we first got to the estate, we found out Dorian was out running errands and actually got caught in a huge traffic jam. So we took advantage of the delay, and took his gorgeous bride-to-be to their private dock for some bridal portraits … Simone’s lovely dress echoed old Hollywood glamour, and if you can believe this, she did her own hair + makeup ~ isn’t she absolutely stunning???

 Doesn’t this image just scream all kinds of zen and relaxation?

Simone is the epitome of grace + beauty with the perfect mixture of delicateness + fierceness ~ I honestly could photograph her all day!

We were afraid we would lose the sun before Dorian arrived, but fortunately he got there with about 10 minutes of sunlight to spare. I love the excitement and high 5’s they shared when they saw one another 😀 They went from joyful glee to pure intimate bliss when they took a moment to look at each other and realized they were less than 24 hours away from sharing their vows … tearjerker moments for sure!

Racing for time, we took the last few minutes of sunlight and ran with it … I’m pretty much in love with this next frame …

A beauty like Simone deserves a handsome groom like Dorian … I absolutely ADORE this couple’s style and swagger!!! 😀

Dorian + Simone, thanks once again for letting us capture these wonderful moments you shared on your Wedding Eve! We hope these images always remind you of the excitement and anticipation you felt leading up to your beautiful Wedding Day. Much love and gratitude to you both for letting us share in such a special time in your lives xoxo

We had the wonderful chance to capture this pair’s Wedding Day with video. To catch a glimpse of Dorian + Simone’s exquisite Wedding Day, click here! And for more info on our cinematography + photography services, feel free to contact us using the Contact Form above or email us directly at



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