Nov 12, 2009

Baby blog steps shall start with a list!

Ok so in an effort to become a regular blogger, since all the cool kids are doing it ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I am going to start with an easy blog by doing a list! After all, list are fast, easy and can be quickly jotted down while you’re on the phone, driving on the freeway or … doing your makeup while on the phone driving on the freeway. *guilty*

So here’s my attempt to blog via list!


1) sports, sports, sports — especially USC football, the LA Lakers, and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which by the way in not even in LA County so umm … yeah. Within this affinity so goes my love for Kobe Bryant, Pete Carroll, Chone Figgins and Mike Scioscia.

2) good sports talk radio — yes I’ll admit I have not a clue what songs or artists are “in” right now, but I can tell you that the Dan Patrick Show is freakin hilarious!!! 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday baby!

3) yummy food — there’s is just no way of getting around it, Filipino people live to eat. Thus I will just accept my fate that I will always have a gut and jiggles, but damn it, I will never be hungry! Oooh and cake, I just love me some cake with frosting so sweet is makes your teeth hurt … mmmmmmm.

4) traveling with my family — and when I say family I mean 20+ people because that’s how we roll! We have so much fun together and I love the fact that it’s pretty much a “takeover” when we show because there’s just so many of us. Up next on our to-do-travel list: Costa Rica, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Australia, Thailand, Philippines. Holla!!!

5) coupons — who doesn’t love a discount!?!? Yes I am the girl who will bring a coupon to a fancy smancy restaurant and buy one get one free in a second ๐Ÿ™‚

6) kisses on my forehead — they’re sweet and pure and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside*

7) Target, Ross, Sam’s Club and Trader Joes — I think I’d be ok if I could only shop at these places for the rest of my life!

8) rubbing my tongue the back of my bottom front teeth after a cleaning at the dentist — weird I know, but I love feeling those clean ridges!!

9) foreign accents and foreign languages — it just so cool and pleasing to my ears! British, Austraillian, French, Italian, Spanish, African, you name it, I love it! The latest language I absolutely love hearing in conversation is Arabic — amazing language and from what I’ve been told, extremely deep and difficult to learn.


1) bad breath — blech, enough said, and yes when I offer you a mint that means something. And along this same thought I don’t like Colgate, that crap don’t work and is pasty. And yes I know it’s called tooth”paste” but Colgate is gross. Period.

2) bad drivers — I live in Cerritos = Asian persuasion/invasion. I am Asian/Pac Islander and have no shame in saying that Asian poeple are terrible drivers who completely ignore the existence of other drivers!!!

3) clothing for animals — don’t get me wrong I love animals, especially dogs, but I would bet my life THAT’S WHAT FUR IS FOR?!?!!! Perhaps I’ll change my view on this once we get our dogs next year, an exception can always be made for a cute pup in USC attire ๐Ÿ™‚

4) black licorice, peach candy and watermelon candy — do these things really taste good to anyone?

5) bad grammar and poor spelling — when I acquired a nazi editor two years ago he immediately killed and dissected my copy. It became an almost nightly occurrence to hear him say “unf*ck this”. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like hearing that at 2 a.m. five days a week, lol. And as a result, I became more anal about the usage of proper grammar and spelling. It just takes a little effort and if you’re unsure, then hey, just rephrase it or don’t use the word/phrase to avoid being wrong. Not to say my own stuff is always perfect, cuz belee me I kno I be writin sum mest up stuf.

6) skinny jeans on boys/men — just look in the mirror. No further explanation needed. If you have a spouse, mate, friend, sibling or father (God forbid) who owns a pair of these dreadful things, for the love of fashion humanity please burn them!!!

7) anyone who wears a six 6 or less and swears they need to lose weight — bitch please.

8. the concept of spending serious $$$$ to wear name brands — so I have to pay you an arm and a leg so I can wear a shirt with your brand written in block letters all over it? Shouldn’t you be paying me to for being a walking advertisement?

AH HA! I did it, that’s wasn’t too bad and didn’t take long at all. Now hopefully I’ll be back with more blog sauce sooner than later ๐Ÿ™‚ Ciao amicis!

Just me and my two favorite gals ~ Mom and Chey!



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