Nov 19, 2010

10 ~ Christine + Billy | Anniversary Session

Over the summer, Tommy and I celebrated our one year anniversary as husband and wife. Now while this may seem like a small milestone, our wedding anniversary also marked the day of our first date … 11 years ago. Yep, we made things officially official on the 10th anniversary of our first date. Can you believe he made me wait that long? LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ *just kidding dear husband*

Anyhoo, we are both fortunate enough to have been raised in families where long lasting marriages are like a rice cooker in a Filipino kitchen … it’s a given, LOL. My parents have been married for 36 years and Tommy’s parents just celebrated their 38th anniversary. So we hope our marriage stays just as strong and wonderful as that of our parents because, yes … we do believe that love is a blessing that should never be taken for granted.

I know our 10-year wedding anniversary is far far away, but being the daydreamer and planner that I am, I’ve already envisioned what I hope our marriage will be like … 10 years from now …

1. I hope we still make each other laugh and smile during the most random of moments. And never feel bad for laughing too loud because laughter feeds the soul, and where there is laughter, there is love.

2. I hope when he looks at me from afar he thinks I’m just as a beautiful as the day we first met. And when I look at him, I know there is no doubt that we’ve been carved out of the same mold and together … we fit perfectly.

3. I hope we can sit still together and feel the sunshine on our hair while he cups my face lovingly in his hands, presses his forehead against mine, connecting with my spirit and dreaming of many more wonderful years together as husband and wife.

4. I hope amid our lives filled with children, work, bills and stress, we still take walks together in the park holding hands and never thinking there’s not enough time to stop for a kiss.

5. I hope that our kisses never fade and still feel as fresh as morning dew. And I pray that those kisses come when I least expect them, but always right on time.

6. I hope no matter how rough the paths of our lives may be, he’ll always be there to hold my hand through the struggles, the celebrations, and during all of life’s ups and downs. And no matter what, I will never be alone.

7. I hope we take the time to sometimes block out the world and sit in our own silence, reveling in the simplicity of our lives and realizing that we are truly happy.

8. I hope we still whisper secrets in each other’s ears of our hopes, dreams and aspirations — things that we can accomplish as we grow old together.

9. I hope we realize that we are both incredible parents and strong individuals who can do anything, but know that together we are unstoppable …

10. But most of all after 10 years of marriage, I hope that we both realize that nothing in life is perfect including ourselves. And though our marriage may have had some rough patches here and there, our love is strong enough to survive anything. And though it may not always be the perfect romance, it sure does comes close ๐Ÿ˜‰

Billy + Christine I hope your 10 years together have been filled with all of the above and more. We feel so fortunate to document this special milestone in your lives and honestly, we hope that when we cross our own 10-year anniversary our marriage will be as sweet and blessed as yours! ย You two are an amazing couple ~ beautiful and kind ~ and such wonderful parents. Being around you two makes me appreciate the love even more!

We had so much fun with you both and hope these photos help ease the disappointment of your wedding photos just a little bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ *cheers* to your marriage and here’s to many more wonderful anniversaries to come!!!

To see more of this lovely couple, click on the slideshow below and don’t forget to turn up your sound!!!



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